Placing Senior Health and Wellness First Since 1923

senior health and wellness

The Plattduetsche Home Society is an inclusive retirement community where everything seniors could ever need is within reach. In addition to our first-class amenities and fine dining, our residents reap all the benefits of convenient access to on-site geriatric doctors who specialize in senior health and wellness.

On-Site Geriatric Doctors Enhance our Senior Living Experience

Whether they reside in our Enriched Housing or Adult Home Care facilities, our seniors are well-taken-care-of in every sense of the word. In between a busy schedule of activities, every one of our residents has the option to receive convenient on-site medical care from the doctor of their choice.

Improving Senior Health and Wellness is our Priority

At the Plattduetsche Home Society, healthy living is always first and foremost in our minds. Some of our seniors live with chronic health conditions that require regular care and attention. Those who do not still have the opportunity to receive regular medical check-ups. Our on-site geriatric doctors perform comprehensive health care services that address all senior health and wellness concerns.

Our team specializes in senior health and wellness

5 Benefits of Access to On-Site Geriatric Specialists

  • Enables seniors who need regular medical care to still live independently
  • Allows for better continuity of care with residents’ other health care specialists
  • Enables medical professionals to more closely monitor health issues
  • Maintains open lines of communication between families and medical professionals
  • Creates added convenience (since travel to appointments is not needed)

Because we have on-site health care professionals readily available, our residents can stay on top of senior health and wellness concerns without ever needing to leave our grounds.

Our Quality Care Gives Family Members Peace of Mind

“As I’m getting ready to go on my first trip out of state in two years, I must tell you that it almost didn’t happen. Thanks to you all at the Plattdeutsche, I feel that I can do this with peace of mind. You have all given me and my family support and understanding through these unsure times. I know that while I’m not available to physically see Mom, she will be looked after and I can virtually call her, too! Take care of her as you always do, with love and dignity. Thank you for all you do.”

Enhancing senior health and wellness is our priority

Take a Virtual Tour of our Beautiful Senior Living Community!

The Plattduetsche Home Society has been caring for seniors for nearly a century. Located in Franklin Square, we provide a comfortable retirement experience for men and women 65 years and older in a peaceful, serene living environment.

If you would like to learn more, take our virtual tour today.Safe, Serene and Supportive - Senior Living since 1923 - Tour Now

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