“This is the best place ever for you or your loved one. The care here at this community is unbelievable. i just told someone yesterday that this community is like a resort and a home away from home in your back yard. It seems like a piece of heaven in your backyard. I did not even know that a place like this existed. I am very close to my loved one and I did not just want to put her anywhere. My loved one moved in a few months ago and I come in at all kinds of different times and always call and reach out and not one time did I ever get any harsh response or reaction. This is really a community and everyone likes and cares for each other. They are all like angels it is a beautiful place. I feel good when I go here”

–  Theresa H.

“My husband resided in the Assisted Living Portion of the Plattduetsche Home for one year. The care and attention he received was outstanding. Whatever level of special requirements that he needed were quickly attended to with care and compassion. The Home is pleasant, comfortable and very clean. Every detail is attended to immediately. My husband’s dietary needs were also met with satisfaction. I still have a high regard for the Plattduetsche and would recommend it highly to anyone in need of this type of facility.”

–  Cathy P.

“It’s not easy placing a loved one in a senior living facility along with the causes of fear and uncertainty. I hope my honest words can put your mind at rest a bit. Both my mom and our family could not be more pleased with the Plattduetsche There are so many positive attributes that I could not possibly list them all. The food is homemade, the rooms and building are immaculate, the medical professionals brought in are caring and competent. Most importantly, I would like to stress that the Plattduetsche is now moms “home” with the staff and management caring for her as if she were their own mom. Only smiling faces and people that genuinely want the best for all of the residents. It brings you back to a simpler time where it is peaceful, friendly and every need taken care of with respect and dignity. Nothing but high praise.”

–  Alexis M.

“I must take a moment and extend my warmest level of Gratitude to you and the entire Team at the Plattduetsche Home Society. I grew up in Elmont. At the age of 3 my family moved from Queens to the town just East of the boarder back in 1970. The big brick stately building, from the eyes of a child, always appeared cold and intimidating. As I grew older and wiser, I understood what this building was as well as its purpose. I only recently connected all the dots as my father, now 93 resides in this place. I am in the service business and my success comes from not what I do but rather how I do it. I have never met a TEAM of people who truly expresses love in what they do. From every position and effort, reception, cleaning staff, nurses, administrative, councilors, chef and cooks…… I’m not just impressed. I am happy for my father and for myself. I know he is getting the care he needs that I simply and sadly can’t offer. I am in no rush to get to 90 by any means but I can only hope that the Plattduetsche is around in 2060.”

–  John D.

“The management and staff @platthomesociety is absolutely second to none. If anyone has an older family member that needs extra assistance, yet can still have some privacy, in a homelike setting, this place is the cleanest and most caring group of people that I could’ve ever wished for!!”

–  Joseph C.

“Just an FYI, she just called me and was so happy…said she’s going to learn how to play cards LOL – her exact words were I would HIGHLY recommend this place… So you guys are keeping her busy and that’s great! Thank you”

–  Karen M.

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