A Modern Long Island Retirement Community with a Rich History

Since 1923, the Plattduetsche Home Society has been helping Long Island seniors live a full, happy healthy retirement.

A Vision for a Local Senior Living Home

The Plattduetsche Home Society began as the brainchild of two delegates of the Plattduetsche Volksfest Verein, Chris Ellmers and Wilhelm Neumann. In 1910, they conceived of the idea to build a home for “old folks,” who could no longer live alone. This forward-thinking idea was enthusiastically adopted, and a committee was appointed to develop plans for what would soon become the Plattduetsche Home Society.

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The History of Our Humble Home

In 1913, Henry C. Bohack, the president of Bohack Groceries, started the charitable organization of the “Plattduetsche Altenheim Gesellschaft von Brooklyn und Umgegend.” It received not-for-profit status from the State of New York that same year. Bohack together with Henry Renken, a local dairy magnet, were the founders of the charitable organization responsible for the creation of the Plattduetsche home.

Although America was busy fighting World War I, the planning and programming of the new Long Island retirement community never slowed down.

The Birth of a New Long Island Retirement Community

In 1916, a newly formed corporation — then called Plattduetsche Altenheim — purchased a 10-acre farm in Franklin Square. Two years later, an additional seven acres were also purchased.

Under the direction of our next president, Martin Renken, Plattduetsche Altenheim Gesellschaft von Brooklyn und Umgegend held benefit performances and raised donations to help finance the purchase of a parcel of land on Long Island. Fundraising efforts continued from 1917 to 1922, including benefit concerts and bazaars by the Ladies Society, along with various church groups.

In 1922, the central portion of the present building was completed at a cost of $100,000. When it opened to the public, 28 residents called the Plattduetsche home.

The Ladies Society: Our Long-Term Fundraising Partner

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of being the beneficiary of The Ladies Society, a group of dedicated women who have freely given their time to raise funds to improve our residents’ quality of life. This group of dedicated volunteers regularly holds fundraisers, such as the Strawberry Festival, and hosts activities, like birthday parties and bingo, for our seniors.

The Plattduetsche Evolves with the Times

As the demand for our services increased, we expanded our facilities in 1930 and 1973, adding the East and West Wings. In 1994, 18 Enriched Housing apartments were built on our grounds. In 2000, we added an additional 30 units to accommodate more seniors.

Over the decades, we have evolved with the passage of time, but our singular focus remains the same: creating a wonderful senior living experience for all. Come experience everything we have to offer.

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