Our Executive Chef Cooks Up Delicious, Nutritious Meals Daily

our executive chef

Healthy home cooking is always on the menu at the Plattduetsche Home Society. Our executive chef, Tom Henrichs, and his experienced team create nutritious meals from scratch three times a day, pleasing the palates of the seniors who call our retirement community “home.”

Chef Tom and His Team Work to Create Healthy, Homestyle Meals

Dining is an integral part of the senior living experience at the Plattduetsche Home Society. Our seniors enjoy the benefits of full access to a beautifully decorated dining room, where delicious, freshly prepared food is bountiful.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are personally prepared by Chef Tom, who has more than 20 years of cooking experience. Tom and his team, which includes three other professional cooks, have a creative approach to cooking nutritious meals, which is a far cry from the bland fare many retirement communities serve.

A chef from the Plattduetsche's leadership team

Our kitchen produces a wide variety of wholesome, mouth-watering meals three times a day, ranging from German to Asian to American. In fact, one month Tom created 28 different kinds of soups to serve our seniors on 28 consecutive days.

Mouth-Watering Meals Made with State-of-the-Art Equipment

Chef Tom, who previously served for 10 years as the executive chef at Swan Club On The Harbor, creates dishes that fit recommended dietary guidelines for seniors. For example, meals are prepared with limited amounts of sugar and salt. In fact, each item on the menu is reviewed by one of our certified nutritionists.

For example, one recent meal included teriyaki chicken with a pineapple glaze, buckwheat noodles, sautéed cabbage, and bean sprouts.

Featured menu options like these tend to vary according to the season of the year. Most of the time, our seniors can pick from two or three options on the menu.

All of our meals are prepped on state-of-the-art cooking equipment, such as the Rational iCombi Pro, a 10-sheet oven, which makes the perfect pizza.

Chef Tom’s meals are served fresh in our lovely dining room. The seniors who reside in our Adult Home can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked by Chef Tom and his team. Those in our Enriched Housing program have access to one mid-day, home-cooked meal daily.

meet our executive chef

A Senior Living Community to Call ‘Home’

The Plattduetsche Home Society is a safe, senior living community nestled in a quiet corner of Nassau County. Exclusively available to those ages 65 and older, our retirement home features both supportive and independent living options together in one lovely location. To learn more, take a virtual tour today!

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