5 Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors

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There are so many benefits to establishing a healthy lifestyle for seniors. Mind, body, and soul must be cared for and stay harmonious to sustain your health. However, knowing what to do or where to start can be daunting. Don’t let that small hurdle prevent you from putting together a plan for a healthier you and your loved one.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors Starts with Focusing on These 5 Areas

1.      Eat Healthy

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This is essential no matter what age you are. A healthy lifestyle for seniors can be improved by having a balanced diet. Not only does it help you maintain your physical health, but it also helps to prevent the onset of certain diseases and lowers the risks to others. One of the best ways to kickstart a better diet or to shake things up a bit is to try some new recipes. Consider using this shopping list to make things easier and plan what you need.

2.      Stay Active

Physical activity is key to your overall health. Mentally, endorphins are released, which helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physically you maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints while reducing the risk of heart disease. You only need two to three hours of moderate exercise throughout the week. Walking, cycling, yoga, or pool activities are all excellent low-impact options. Consult your physician or trainer about what is best for you.

3.      Activities and Social Interaction

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Introducing new hobbies and mental activities gives us a sense of purpose and focus, not to mention something to look forward to. Things like puzzle solving, gardening, painting, crafting, book and movie clubs are all ways to stimulate the brain. These activities are also great opportunities for social interaction. Which provides a sense of being an active community member and prevents feelings of loneliness. Having access to amenities like the ones offered at Plattduetsche Home is invaluable.

4.      Get Enough Sleep

You and your brain need their rest. Getting less than 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep a night isn’t a healthy lifestyle for seniors to practice. Lack of sleep affects memory and concentration. Over time, it can contribute to long-term or permanent cognitive decline and increase your risk of dementia. Follow a sleep schedule, try and avoid electronic devices immediately before bedtime, and do your best not to eat or drink anything too late.

5.      Keep Medications Organized

Remembering all the pills you are supposed to take at different times throughout the day can be very confusing. Help give yourself peace of mind by getting things organized. You can use a daily pill organizer and list all their names (both generic and brand names) somewhere for reference. There are also easy-to-use medication apps that can help you keep track of everything you are taking, when to get refills, and even set reminder alerts for when you should take them.

These recommendations are incorporated into our everyday accommodations here at Plattduetsche Home Society. From our meal preparation, facilities, and programs we are focused on providing our residents with a healthy and fulfilling environment.

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