The Best Exercises in the Pool for Seniors to Increase Flexibility and Mobility

senior citizen exercising in pool

Water is an excellent resource to utilize for those who want to become more active, regardless of physical limitations. The low-impact exercises you can perform in water are a simple way to improve cardiovascular endurance, become stronger and more flexible, increase circulation, and help aid the rehabilitation of muscles. So, if you’re looking to get more active, here are some of the best exercises in the pool.

5 Best Exercises in the Pool

senior citizens playing with beach ball in pool

1.      Walking or Jogging

Walking and jogging are excellent exercises in or out of the water. However, hopping in the water to get your steps will also provide additional resistance, which will help to target your arms, core, and lower body.

The deeper the water you are in, the higher the resistance will be. Remember to make sure you are engaging your core as you walk.

2.      Arm Lifts

First, you’ll need to be in water up to your shoulders in order to perform arm lifts. Then, stand with your arms at your sides with your palms facing up. While slowly keeping your arms straight, lift your arms to the height of the water. Then, turn your palms facedown and lower your arms back to your sides. To increase resistance, this exercise can also be performed with foam dumbbells.

3.      Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are considered one of the best exercises in the pool because they engage both your upper and lower body. First, stand in chest-deep water, starting with your hands by your side and your legs together, then jump up while spreading your legs and raising your arms above your head. After, return to starting position.

4.      Leg Kicks

You can attach ankle weights to your legs to make this move even more complex and add additional resistance. The faster your legs move, the better results you’ll achieve.

5.      One-Legged Stance

A one-legged stance is performed in water that is about chest high. You’ll then lift one leg at a time to as close to a 90-degree angle as you can. If necessary, you can also hold onto a pool noodle to help with your balance.

This is one of the best exercises in the pool because it works multiple muscles simultaneously, your thighs, quads, and calves. This is a great way to work on your balance!

Using the pool to stay active is a great way to strengthen your muscles while improving mobility and flexibility, yet gentle on your joints at the same time. At Plattduetsche Home Society, our residents love using the pool to stay in shape!

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