Why You Should Consider the Benefits of Assisted Living

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Many aging adults choose to remain in their homes and age in place. While it is entirely understandable why this is a choice, it does come with its fair share of concerns and issues. Limited or decreasing mobility creates many obstacles. Most homes are not equipped with proper safety solutions and are expensive to install. The ability to go to stores, travel to doctor’s appointments, or visit friends becomes too difficult or impossible to do. These inabilities lend to a natural feeling of isolation and point to the benefits of assisted living.

There Are Several Benefits to Assisted Living Facilities

Many types of services are offered at assisted living facilities, such as Plattduetsche Home Society. Taking the time to learn what to expect will help you and your loved ones with decision-making. Here are some ways in which the professional caretaking provided with assisted living can help:

Meals and Nutrition

It’s not just about the challenge of shopping and preparing meals. It’s also about ensuring they are nutritious. You will have all your meals prepared daily at an assisted living facility. Not only is this a more accessible and safer option, but it will also factor in any of your specific dietary needs that are vital to your overall health.


Relationships are challenging to maintain when you are no longer as mobile or active in your community as you once were. One added benefit of assisted living is the ability to create bonds and relationships with the other residents. As a result, you can make friends, socialize and feel connected to a community atmosphere again. Staying engaged is a powerful way to fend off loneliness and depression.

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Overall Safety

The accommodations at an assisted care facility are set up for the needs of the individuals. Ramps, hand railings, and attentive staff members enable you to get around comfortably. Bathrooms are designed to provide comfort and safety with handrails, raised toilet seats, and walk-in showers. You and your family also have additional peace of mind knowing that safety is a priority. Not only from break-ins or being taken advantage of by scam artists but also from natural disasters and medical emergencies.

Medication Management

Most assisted living communities offer medication management. It becomes challenging to stay on top of your daily medications. Trained and knowledgeable staff will help you stay ahead of what you need to take and when. They will put together a comprehensive medication plan with your vital information, including managing your refills and renewals for you to take and when.

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Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are at the Core

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are activities related to personal care. They include overall hygiene, toileting, bathing, dressing, getting in and out of bed or a chair, dressing, walking, and eating. All assisted living facilities have these as their primary focus. Be sure when it comes time to look for a facility, you see clear examples of this before going any further.

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