Hobbies for Seniors of All Ages and Ability

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Seniors realize they have more time now to explore and enjoy their interests than ever. Regardless of living at home or in an assisted living setting like Plattduetsche Home Society, seniors are settling into a new way of life and ready to try new things. There are plenty of activities and new hobbies for seniors to consider.

Hobbies for Seniors: Revisit Old Passions or Embrace New Experiences

Hobbies can be a great way for seniors to spend their time. They offer opportunities for socialization and connection with family and keep the mind active and engaged. People could find themselves picking up an old recreation or diving headlong into uncharted waters. Here are some areas of interest to consider:


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An added benefit of having and participating in a hobby is that it helps to keep the mind sharp. Nothing does this better than reading a book. Reading improves mental health and helps to enhance your memory. The enjoyable escapism of getting lost in a book that has a captivating story or teaches you something new is very satisfying.

For many sight-challenged seniors, books are available in larger text or audio book form. By whatever means you take in a good book, consider raising the experience further by participating in or creating a book club. Sharing your thoughts and comments on the story, characters and authors is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. It also provides a nice way to make new friends while engaging in inspired conversations.

Take in the Outdoors

From sitting in a garden to guided nature walks to an all-out hike, being outside is where it’s at for seniors. It creates a sense of connectedness, appreciation, and inspiration. Fresh air, sunshine, and even a little rain are all things that make getting outside a rewarding activity.

Here are some hobbies for seniors to take part in while enjoying the outdoors:

  • Do some gardening
  • Go for a walk or stroll
  • Take a hike
  • Do some birdwatching
  • Watch outdoor theatre
  • Attending a sporting event
  • Enjoy a picnic
  • Partake in a recreational sport
  • Be a tourist in your own town
  • Take a boat ride or go fishing

Find Your Inner Artist

Art is an excellent form of self-expression and can be very therapeutic. Whether you are a seasoned artist or an artist in training, there are no requirements to partake in any arts and crafts. Creating something from your imagination and with your own hands is gratifying. It also keeps the brain stimulated and helps with focus and coordination.

Creating art can be self-guided or led by a group instructor. In either setting, it is an enriching experience.

Some arts and crafts ideas are:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Photography
  • Holiday ornament-making
  • Crocheting or knitting
  • Quilting
  • Scrap-booking
  • Ceramics
  • Making jewelry
  • Woodworking

Many Games to Choose From

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Remember how all the board games you played said “and up” for the age recommendations? Let that serve as a reminder that enjoying games, cards, puzzles, or chess has no age limit.

Keep that competitive spirit going and organize regular game nights with family or friends. Playing games improves cognitive health and provides an opportunity for socialization while providing camaraderie and moments of laughter. Seniors who play games with others see significant benefits. This activity prevents feelings of isolation and loneliness. Imagine the laughter and joy that comes with the opportunity to play together.

It’s Worth the Effort

Finding the perfect hobbies for seniors requires exploration and an open mind. The fun is in trying new things and sharing experiences. As physical and cognitive abilities change, seniors need to adapt and continue to find new ways to have fun because that is what life’s all about.

At Plattduetsche Home Society, our staff and amenities provide great options for seniors to stay active and have fun!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what Plattduetsche Home Society has to offer.

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