5 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

older parents packing with sons help

Of all the downsizing tips for seniors you can receive, being reminded that it will likely be a challenging and emotional process is one you need to hear first. You aren’t just removing meaningless clutter; many items have significant memories attached to them. So, take your time with it and make a plan to help ease some of the burdens. Whether preparing to move to a smaller home, an assisted living facility like Plattduetsche Home Society, or just looking to simplify your living space, there are a few ways to help the downsizing process.

1.     First Steps – Small Steps

Starting with the least-used items is a great way to get started. Clothes, shoes, and jackets are usually a good place to start. Then, you can follow that up with anything else around that house you haven’t used in a long time or plan on using again. Categorizing these things based on what you need to keep and what can be donated will keep you organized and help to get the ball rolling.

2.     Involve Family and Friends

son helping father move

The amount of physical work required can be too much for seniors to do alone. So, call on friends and family to give you a hand. Aside from helping you lift and move things, their presence will also help lift you emotionally. Sharing feelings, asking for advice, and even passing certain items on to those who are helping can be a rewarding and healing experience.

3.     Hire a Professional Moving Company

One of the more essential downsizing tips for seniors is to be aware of and respect your physical limitations. Strenuous activity can lead to back, knee, or other injuries. It can also place severe stress on your heart if you haven’t exercised much recently. So please leave it to the professionals to do the heavy lifting.

4.     Make Digital Copies of Photos and Documents

how to scan a photo

One of the most challenging parts of downsizing is deciding what to do with sentimental items such as photos, documents, certificates, etc. By scanning these items, you can safely store them on a desktop computer or other devices such as the cloud or an external hard drive. Doing this will make them accessible whenever you want to reflect on or share them.

5.     Find a Senior Move Manager

Senior move managers provide a unique service dedicated to older adults. The services provided range from helping you sell your home, create a plan for your move, help you decide what to do with certain belongings, and even help you create a floor plan for your new home. Lastly, senior move managers must be affiliated with the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Management (NASMM) as an additional source of reassurance when considering this type of service.

Final Thoughts on Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing is a challenging yet necessary stage for seniors looking to simplify their lifestyle, ensure their safety or prepare for moving. Following these helpful downsizing tips for seniors will give you or your loved ones peace of mind and a plan to take it all on.


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