How Our Team Maintained Safety During COVID-19

From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Plattduetsche Home Society quickly responded to the specific safety concerns of its residents of our senior living community. The viral crisis demanded quick action to improve our vulnerable population’s safety during COVID-19. As part of the “new normal” in New York, our standard operating procedures needed to be modified to incorporate PPEs and provide more virtual services, such as facilitating remote doctor’s appointments.  Core principals of infection control were applied to new safety protocols amongst our staff, volunteers and residents.

Ongoing Protocols Provide Enhanced Protection

When the coronavirus outbreak began, the Plattduetsche Home Society quickly put practices in place to protect our residents. We have come a long way since our initial closure of our facility, both the Adult Home and Enriched Housing, to all visitors.  We have progressed on many fronts to enable medical and service personnel safe access to provide effective care.

Tele-med and remote technologies were implemented, and continue to be supported.

Properly worn Face Masks : Social Distancing Guidelines Implemented

At both our Adult Home and Enriched Housing, we also modified activities to incorporate practical social distancing. Our regular “family-style” meals were immediately changed to plated meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, we reduced the number of residents allowed per table and spaced each one further apart. To ensure the safety of our whole facility, the Plattduetsche Home Society pool and exercise rooms were temporarily closed.  They are now open and operational, with PT and OT therapists filling scripts for exercises and therapies.  At the same time, our staff found new ways to engage our residents, including broadcasting activities on large TV monitors.   Our new IT upgrades have broadened our capabilities in these areas, as we automate service care records for our residents.

Throughout the pandemic, our leadership team reviewed and instituted new methods to modify our activities to improve safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.   We continue this process with infection control  guidelines provided by the State Department of Health and the innovative solutions shared with the Empire State Association of Assisted Living. As a result, all residents and staff of the Plattduetsche Home Society were 100 percent free from an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus during this global pandemic.

Effective Currently

  • Properly worn face masks are mandatory At All Times in any common area or public space.
  • If you do not have a proper face mask, one will be provided to you by the front desk.
  • All visitors must be registered at the front desk, which will include temperature check and self-sign in with questions answered in log book
  • Be mindful of maintaining a safe distance from residents and staff in any public INDOOR area.  Do NOT sit and meet with loved ones in public indoor areas.
  • DO meet and visit your loved ones in their ROOM or APARTMENT, and remember to open windows enough for fresh air.
  • Do wash your hands often, being mindful of general good hygiene preventing illnesses.

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