5 Tips to Stay Connected with Family During the Holidays

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For many people, the holidays bring a sense of joy, peace, and contentment. However, for those who face challenges staying connected with family, they can also create a sense of loneliness. This feeling can be particularly true for seniors in assisted living homes who cannot travel to see everyone as much as they used to. Luckily, there are many ways to share the festive spirit and memorable moments with your loved ones during the holiday season.

Stay Connected with These Simple Tips

1.      Send Holiday Card

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a handwritten card. Nowadays, there are tons of creative choices out there, from festive cards with pop-up elements to personalized photo cards that share your favorite memories with your family members. Plus, sending mail is a great way for elderly relatives living in assisted living homes to stay engaged and connected with their loved ones during the holidays.

2.      Create Personalized Gifts

The best gifts come from the heart, so why not make something special for your loved ones? From baking a sweet treat to making a piece of jewelry, knitting a scarf, or creating a photo album, any of these thoughtful gifts will go a long way towards making someone feel special.

We all know that a macaroni necklace will have way more of a sentimental impact than a gold one. This is a mutually beneficial sentiment for you will feel as happy and fulfilled making it for them as they will from receiving it.

3.      Schedule Phone or Video Calls

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Whether it’s through a video conferencing platform or just a good old-fashioned phone call, schedule a time to speak with your loved ones. You can also plan to watch a program, movie, or live sports on television and to share the experience in real time.

If you plan to video chat with older relatives, you can set up a device in advance (such as an iPad) that supports video calling to make it easier for them to join in on the conversation. You can also ensure their computer is set up with Zoom and how to use it. If you have loved ones at an assisted living facility like Plattduetsche Home Society, they will have a staff that can assist them with setting this up.

4.      Try Online Games and Activities

Online games and activities are also great ways for seniors to stay connected with family members during the holidays and all year round. For example, virtual Scrabble is a perfect game that allows multiple players across different locations. In addition, there are many types of game apps for your phone or tablet where you can compete against each other in real time.

There are also online trivia nights which could be hosted over Skype or Zoom; this would be perfect if you want the whole extended family involved in some holiday fun.

5.      Create New Traditions

woman opeing a gift viA ZOOM call

Throughout the holiday season, there are many ways to stay connected with your family members. While it’s nice to celebrate and open gifts together in person, the fact that we can share in the experience with options like live video conferencing helps to bridge that divide. Embrace creating new traditions and enjoy them with your family and friends.

At Plattduetsche Home Society, our staff is sensitive to the needs of our residents and is always there to support and assist them in any way they can.

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